Baylor FDM Announces a New Minor in Film Theory and Criticism

June 29, 2022
Film Critic

The Department of Film & Digital Media is pleased to announce that, beginning in Fall 2022, Baylor students from all departments across campus will have the opportunity to minor in Film Theory and Criticism. By combining theory and practice, this new program will give students a background in the history of film as an art form, a thorough understanding of the major film theories that have guided critical understanding of the medium, and practice in the art of film criticism itself. A minor in film theory and criticism will enhance any Baylor degree, but it will pair especially well with degrees in Journalism, English, Creative Writing, American Studies, and other humanities fields. 

The minor consists of 18 hours of coursework, as outlined below:

Required Courses (15 hrs.) 

FDM 1304 Visual Literacy: Sight, Sound, and Motion

FDM 2351 History of Motion Pictures

FDM 2360 Production Methods

FDM 4343 Film and Media Theory 

FDM 4344 Film Criticism

Three (3) hrs. from the following:

FDM 3321 Media Programming

FDM/RUS 3345 Intro to Russian Film

FDM/FRE 4330 Survey of French Cinema

FDM 4380 Topics in Media History

FDM 4382 Topics in Media Storytelling

FDM 4384 Topics in National Media

FDM 4396 Topics in Media Genres

FDM 4397 Topics in Contemporary Cinema

GER 3345 Intro to German Film

For more information, contact Dr. James Kendrick, FDM Undergraduate Program Director (